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This website is intended to be a tribute to my father Wolo; the artist, the man. I grew up thinking there was only one Wolo and he was my father but in looking over the internet I find there are several Wolo's of note.

My father's actual name was Baron Wolff Erhardt Anton George Trutzschler von Falkenstein. His first name was Wolff, which his little sister couldn't pronounce so she called him Wolo. That's the name he went by when he came to the United States from Germany. This website then is dedicated to the life and work of my father Wolo the much loved entertainer and artist of San Francisco California.

Admittedly, most of my father's world, along with those who constituted it, are no longer with us. But unlike most of us, he left a colorful and unique legacy behind; in that sense, Wolo is still with us, not only that, he's alive and well in every one of these pictures.

Erhardt G. von Trutzschler